Tengo Hambre (I’m hungry)

1. Guacamole and Queso Dip
Chile Con Queso cheese sauce with fresh, made to order guacamole, served with freshly cooked corn tortilla chips

2. Mexican Fries (Mexican Poutine)
French Fries with picadillo and our specialty house sauce topped with cheese and Mexican spices

3. Chacha Nachos
Freshly cooked corn tortilla chips topped with fresh tomatoes, refried beans, and baked with mixed cheese, served with sour cream and avocado salsa Half order: $11.95 Full Order: $17.95 Add meat for $3.95 (Chicken Fajita, Beef Fajita, Ground Beef, Shrimp)

4. Chacha Tacos
Three freshly cooked and rolled corn tortillas, stuffed with ground beef and topped with our house tomato sauce and cheese.

5. Empanadas
Made to order from scratch, our empanadas are made with meseca (corn flour), stuffed with your choice of chicken, cheese, shrimp or veggies, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and feta cheese $10.95

6. Tlayudas
Made to order from scratch corn tortilla, topped with refried beans cheese and pork chorizo. Served with our fresh salsa $12.95
ADD: Chicken Fajita or Beef Fajita $3.95

7. Sope Chorizo con Papas
Two made to order from scratch corn tortillas, with our unique homemade spicy Mexican pork sausage, potatoes and refried beans. Topped with fresh lettuce, sour cream and cheese, served with our fresh avocado salsa


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